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Excursions from Hotel Park


Hotel Park is ideally located for many excursions to nearby attractions and natural wonders


Only 30 minutes from Belgrade airport and at the foothills of Fruska Gora, the most beautiful national park in Serbia. Only 2 km from the hotel is nature oasis Borkovac, with its enchanted forest and lake. Only 20-ish minutes from hotel are the most important Monasteries and the most important wineries of Fruska Gora. Reknown Spa Resort Vrdnik is only 15 minutes away. Sremski Karlovci, the most romantic town in Serbia is only 40 minutes away. Due to this ideal location the excursions from hotel Park are pleasant, refreshing and not tiring.





This beautiful nature Oasis, is only 2 km from the hotel. A 5-minute drive or a pleasant walk. It has an enchanting forest with jogging paths, trim track lined up with exercise stations and a charming stream which comes out of its lake. The tranquil lake, 5 km around, is used  by locals for fishing, swimming and kayaking. Borkovac is a great place for various recreational activities and team buildings. For added enjoyment there are two ethno restaurants and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Duration – 2 to 4 hrs. It can be organized with transportation to Borkovac or hotel guests can go there on their own.


Monasteries of Fruska Gora



Only 20-ish minutes from hotel Park are the most significant monasteries of “Serbian Holly Mountain” as Fruska Gora is known. The excursion through the enchanting natural beauty of Fruska Gora and a visit to four of its famous medieval monasteries starts with a visit to Grgeteg monastery, legacy of folk legend Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk. Its architecture makes it one of the most  beautiful monasteries. Only  few kilometers from Grgeteg, in the tranquil forest setting, are monastery Staro Hopovo and monastery Novo Hopovo. They treasure famous relics, rich cultural heritage and the works of Dositej Obradovic. At the end of our of this exciting tour visit the most important of all 17 Fruska Gora monasteries – Krusedol, legacy of  Serbian despot family Brankovic. Opportunity to  purchase healing and organic products made by monks.

Note: Hotel Park organizes visits to Fruska Gora monasteries under the official blessing of Serbian Orthodox Church.  If requested  a visit during the service in the monastery can be arranged.

Duration -  4 hrs. Price …….. depending on the number of participants.


Vrdnik Spa and Ethno Village Vrdnicka Kula



Only 15 minutes from hotel Park in the rich greenery of the south slopes of Fruska Gora is the famous Spa town Vrdnik, reknown for its medicinal mineral water and exceptional air quality. Hotel Termal has two Olympic-size swimming pools with the mineral spa water which are open to visitors. Uphill from the center of Vrdnik is the Ethno Village “Vrdnicka Kula” (Vrdnik Toweer), which has a restaurant, scenic look-out point, a church and stands with local organic produce. On top of the hill you’ll see Vrdnicka Kula which goes back to Roman times. About 10 minutes from Vrdnicka Kula is one of the most important monasteries of Fruska Gora - Ravanica which houses the relics of Serbian Prince Lazar.

Duration – 4 hrs. Price …..depending on the number of participants.


Sremski Karlovci and Strazilovo



Sremski Karlovci (named after Austrian King Karlo/Charles) is possibly the most charming and the most romantic town in Serbia. Only about 40 minutes from hotel Park, at the north foothills of Fruska Gora and on the shores of the mighty Danube River, this old Srem town will dazzle you with its rich architecture and numerous cultural monuments. Your exciting excursion takes you through the charming town of Irig, past the famous Wine House Kovacevic, uphill through the picturesque scenery all the way to the top of Fruska Gora mountain. Then downhill to Petrovaradin fortress where we turn right. In Sremski Karlovci you will view the splendid baroque buildings, Four Lions Fountain and the impressive Cathedral. Time to unwind in the beautiful Town Square; try the famous German cake Kuglof. A short walk uphill takes you to the Museum of Honey. Afterwards, a pleasant drive through lush greenery to Strazilovo, the burial place of poet Branko Radicevic, one of the greatest Serbian romantics. Climb to the look out point from which you have an expansive view of the rooftops and belfries and the majestic Danube. Return to hotel Park driving through beautiful Fruska Gora scenery.

Duration – 4 hrs. Price ……..depending on the number of participants.


Krusedol & Sremski Karlovci



Visit the most significant of the 17 Fruska Gora Monasteries and the most romantic town in Serbia.  Driving across the southern foothills of Frusska Gora we come to the famous monastery Krusedol, legacy of the last Serbian Despot (Ruler) family Brankovic. The monastery is very impressive both outside and inside. Possibility to purchase healing organic products produced by monks. Continuing through the picturesque scenery of Fruska Gora we arrive in Sremski Karlovci. This beautiful Srem town dazzles visitors with its splendid architecture and cultural treasures. Free time to admire the ornate facades of the Town Squae, Fountain of 4 Lions, old Gymnasium school and the imposing baroque Saborna Cathedral. Visit the Museum of Honey, relax in one of the cafes in the Town Squae and taste the famous Svaben (German) cake Kuglof, which, together with Bermet fortified wine, is the main souvenir of this  charming town.


Danube Rhapsody



A unique romantic adventure. The experience is relaxing and very enjoyable because the water on this stretch of Danube is almost always very calm. A Welcome Srem Refreshment and Danube Lunch are included. Arrival on the banks of the Danube in Cortanovci. In a Charming little pontoon restaurant (on a raft in the river) you are greeted with a welcome refreshment (appetizers) and home-made plum brandy and wine. Breed deeply here because this is where arguably the best air quality in Serbia is, due to peculiar crossing of breezes. Board the boats – capacity 16 persons. Navigate to Krcedin Ada with great views of the beautiful Fruska Gora hills on your right and the endless plains of Backa on your left. Pass under the impressive Bridge at Beska.  Krcedin Ada is a unique nature preserve with great number of different animals in their natural habitat. An opportunity to be photographed with a flock of sheep or mangulice (semi-wild pigs) or a herd of horses or birds in their natural environment. Continue by boat through Kovilovo-Petrovaradin Rit, an exceptionally interesting stretch of the Danube. If the water level allows we’ll disembark and visit the famous Kovilj Monastery. Return to Cortanovci via Arkanj. A Danube lunch is awaiting together with home-made plum brandy and wine. Occasionally, if the group wishes, the lunch could be on Krcedin Ada (Ada is Turkish word for Island).


Fruska Gora Jeep Safari



Excitement and adrenalin aplenty. Countless opportunities for photographing beautiful landscape and attractions. An unforgettable experience. Arrival in Cortanovci. Welcome drink to fortify you for your road trip. Board the jeeps, old-timers from 1941.(driver plus seats for 4-5). Driving along the Danube to Sremski Karlovci, the most romantic town in Serbia. Continue via beautiful Strazilovo, final resting place of Serbia’s most romantic poet Branko Radicevic. We arrive in the famous  Grgeteg Monastery. Here we find the paleontological traces of the banks of the prehistoric Panonian Sea. We continue via the rolling hills of beautiful Fruska Gora to Velika Remeta Monastery which has the tallest bell tower in Srem and precious Byzantine Icons. We pass by the source of Ubavac, through orchards, vineyards and valleys. A brief visit to the famous Krusedol Monastery, founded by Despot Djuradj Brankovic in 1509.  Returning to Cortanovci we se the source of Kozarica and archeological digs of the Roman city Castrum Herkules. At the end of the drive (total of 50 km) we relax with lunch prepared by our hosts in their charming little pontoon restaurant (on a raft). With lunch our hosts serve home-made plum brandy and wine as well as home-made cake. 


Sremska Mitrovica – Emperor’s Palace



Sremska Mitrovica is located about 20 minutes from hotel Park, on the shores of Sava River,
where the old Roman City Sirmium used to be. Here you’ll see the remains of that ancient city, which was known as “the mother of all cities”. Many Roman Emperors were born here. Among them Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probos who planted the first vineyards in Srem more than 1700 years ago. Walk with a guide on the grounds of the former Emperor’s palace. Within the complex of Sirmium is a bar with a view on the archeological digs where you can relax with a drink.  After the Emperor’s Palace visit the Museum of Srem, the custodian of the rich cultural heritage. Also visit the Orthodox Cathedral and the archeological finds on Zitni Trg. Return to hotel Park driving through the legendary Srem landscape, past picturesque villages.

Duration – 4 hrs. Price ……….. depending on the number of participants


Fruska Gora Wine Road


It’s been more than 1700 years since Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probos planted the first vineyards on the south slopes of Fruska Gora. The illustrious Emperor was born in Srem, in Sirmium, today’s Sremska Mitrovica. Wine-friendly Panonian soil, especially on the south, sunny side of Fruska Gora, centuries of experience in making wine and traditional secret recipes make wine makers from Srem among the best in the world. Today, Fruska Gora has more than 60 wineries. This excursion takes you to three most important wineries on the south side of Fruska Gora – Deuric, Kovacevic and Mackov Podrum. All three are near hotel Park which makes this excursion pleasant and not tiring. For wine lovers this excursion is an exceptional experience.



Driving through the picturesque countryside we arrive in the charming village of Mala Remeta where we start our wine adventure by a visit to a family-owned winery Deuric – www.vinarijadeuric.com. This modern, well organized winery is surrounded by endless vineyards and apple plantations. From the top floor of the main building, looking south, you can see the entire Srem and across Sava River to Macva and Cer Mountain. You’ll hear about the history of the winery, laugh at some old wine stories and get familiar with their most important labels.



Continuing through lovely Fruska Gora countryside we arrive in the town of Irig. Gurding the entrance to Irig is one of the best known wineries in Serbia – winery Kovacevic  - www.vinarijakovacevic.com     It belongs to a family which has cultivated vineyards for over 100 years. Today, this winery produces some of the best wines in Serbia and the region. It has received numerous awards. You’ll learn about the history of this fine wine house and get familiar with their best labels.



Nearby, also guarding the entrance to Irig, is our next visit, winery Mackov Podrum – www.mackovpodrum.co.rs  . Another long family tradition –since 1800-s.  Relax in the authentic Srem ambiance of this fine wine house, always filled with exciting colors, sounds and smells. From our friendly hosts we’ll hear some interesting wine stories. If we are lucky we’ll meet the owner, widely reknown Mr. Sava Jojic, a true world-class expert on wine. He enjoys talking to visitors and he’ll explain to you why his winery’s motto is Knowing to drink – means knowing to live. Here we enjoy wine tasting of several of their labels and some appetizers.



Duration of excursion -  4 to 5 hrs. Price ……..depends on the number of participantsIn every winery it is possible to purchase wine at prices substantially lower than in stores. Note: In exceptional situations it may be necessary to change the order of visits and/or visit some other winery


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