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Picnic site Borkovac is located only 2 kilometers from the Hotel Park in the direction of Fruska Gora, a true oasis of greenery. Arranged trim paths and promenades, surrounded by trees and rich plant vegetation, make this place ideal for people who are there for the picnic, sport or relaxation. Picnic site owns open olympic swimming pool with the auxiliary content, which meets all criteria for swimming contests and water polo games of the highest level. In the same picnic site, there is an artificial accumulation Borkovac lake. It is rich with fish and you can catch fish or enjoy in the magic of nature. Borkovac lake is extremely suitable as a getaway from summer heats in the arranged beach, but also for rowing sports.


Promo video of the Olympic swimming pool in Ruma



Monasteries of Fruska Gora, being a special attraction of religious tourism, are located across Fruka Gora and are the reason why this mountain from Srem unofficially got the name Mount Athos. At 10-15 km from Ruma, half of 16 active Fruska Gora monasteries built in 15th and 16th century is located. Those are the following monasteries: Krusedol, Staro and Novo Hopovo, Grgeteg, Velika Remeta, Vrdnicka Ravanica, Mala Remeta and Jazak. Each one of them has a special story about religion, tradition and history of Serbian people.



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