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Since its opening in March 2012, Park Hotel has hosted many well-known domestic and international companies, sports teams, actors and politicians, and many other eminent guests. We are proud to say that they were all satisfied with the accommodation and facilities in the hotel as well as the courtesy of our staff.


Swimming pool season starts on june 11th   in Ruma


Promotional video of the Olympic swimming pool in Ruma



On June 11th, the swimming poll will be opened at famous Ruma's picnic area, Borkovac. On that day, admission will be free, with a multitude of entertainment tailored for all ages. This will be a unique opportunity for all citizens as well as visitors from all over Srem district to spend the summer in its midst, but in a new and unique way. The pool will be working every day from 9 am to 7:30 pm. The large swimming pool is made according to Olympic standards, which opens the possibility of organizing, in preparatory and various other sporting activities, both for athletes and for those with sporting spirit who visit our hotel Park.


The fourth volleyball academy has come to an end


The 4th handball academy “Andrea Lekic 2016” was held in Ruma from 19th to 25th of June 2016. The participators were accommodated by the Hotel Park, a renown four star hotel. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, right next to the Sport Centre Ruma, which was the place where all the training was held, because, ever since the beginning, the concept of the handball camp was based exclusively on the utilization of the Centre twice a day for every group.

Andrea Lekic, the best women handball player in the world chosen by the IHF in 2013, traditionally spends a part of her vacation not just conveying her knowledge and experience to children but also creating a working and playful atmosphere which the children will treasure forever. Andrea has repeatedly emphasized the emotional impact of the camp:

-“ It is an immense pleasure to watch the young ones absorb all we show and tell. Their happiness, creativity, training will and energy are the most beautiful thing in the world. To see the tears in their eyes and feel their sorrow when the camp ends is an incredible experience. As long as it happens, we will repeat it year after year."





During qualifications for the 18th world championship in volleyball for women, we had the opportunity to host the national team of Serbia, which, in the tournament in Ruma, qualified for the world championship in Puerto Rico. It was our pleasure to host women's volleyball team, hoping that the next time when they come back with the brightest medal.



Web series about Ruma


The first episode of the web series, "Yankee Doodle Went to Serbia", presents the history, tourism opportunities and people from the city of Ruma, Serbia. One American man met a group of Serbians on Facebook group called "I hate the United States". He then decided to travel to Serbia to explore why these Serbian people hate his country. Before traveling to Serbia, he had heard many negative opinions about this Balkan nation, but when he visited Serbia, his opinion was changed forever in a very positive way. This episode was created to present the city of Ruma, and the nation of Serbia through the eyes of an American. We hope you will enjoy this presentation.



promotional tourist video of The Municipality of ruma



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