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Hotel Park at the Foothills of Fruska Gora


 Your Hotel for Team Buildings



Hotel Park, located at the foothills of Fruska Gora National Park, is One-Stop Shopping for your Team  Building. We organize and provide everything: Accommodation. Meals in the hotel or in Ethno Restaurants. Indoor and Outdoor Activities. Visits. Entertainment. All that at exceptionally affordable prices.




Key component of a successful business is a good well functioning Team.  All successful companies invest a lot into building a good Team – in Team Building. Team Building is a number of educational and recreational activities which are meant to forge a reliable and efficient Team. Team Building far from the office, in another environment, is much more efficient and the results are better. A Team Building trip has to offer to your employees an unforgettable experience. Something unique which they will remember. Hotel Park, with its exceptional location and high quality, offers such a unique experience. 


  Experts in Management agree – Team Building

is one of the best and most profitable investments 





If you want something different – but inexpensive -  hotel Park is your choice. In addition to fun and adrenaline you will get to know Fruska Gora, the most beautiful National Park in this part of Europe. Let the adventure begin!


“..We had exceptionally good time during our Team Building in hotel Park. You have our recommendations. We look forward to coming again”. 

Dj. Stojanovic, Bank Intesa


           Team Building Packages

                 2 days/1 night  or  3 days/2 nights  -  from only 49 e


In order to maximize your experience arrival in the hotel is in the morning of the first day and departure from the hotel is in the afternoon or early evening of the second or third day. So that you can enjoy Team activities even on the first and the last day. Upon arrival at the hotel you will always be welcome with refreshments – coffee and soft drinks. Choose a Team Building package which is best for you. If you wish you can add an activity or replace one activity with another. All activities include transportation to the location. Lunch and dinner are at the hotel unless noted otherwise. Breakfast is buffet.





TB1  2 days / 1 night   49 €

The Price Includes:

Accommodation. Lunch. Dinner.

Breakfast. Borkovac- outdoor activities in nature. 

Sport  Center Hall for 2 hrs – games or sports.


TB2  2 days / 1 night   69 €

The Price Includes:

Accommodation. Lunch. Dinner. Breakfast.

Borkovac – outdoor activities in nature.

Fruska Gora Wine Road. 


TB3  2 days / 1 night   85 €

The Price Includes:

Accommodation. Lunch. Dinner. Breakfast.

Sport Center Hall for 2 hrs – games or sports. 

Borkova –outdoor activities in nature.

Fruska Gora Jeep Safari or Danube Rhapsody.



TB4  3 days / 2 nights  149 €

The Price Includes:

Accommodation. Two Breakfasts.

Two Lunches. Two Dinners.

Sport Center Hall for 2 hrs – games or sports.

Borkovac – outdoor activities in nature.

Fruska Gora Wine Road. Fruska Gora Jeep Safari or Danube Rhapsody.


TB5    3 days / 2 nights   179 €

The Price Includes:

Accommodation. Two Breakfasts.

Two Dinners. Two Lunches.

Sport Center Hall for 2 hrs – games or sports.

Borkovac – outdoor activities in nature.

Fruska Gora Jeep Safari. Danube Rhapsody.

Dinner with drinks and live music

in Ethno Restaurant Krusedolka. 


Prices are for groups of minimum 20 persons.

The price is for accommodation in a twin/double room Standard category. Surcharge for Superior Room 8 € per person per day. For Lux room 15 € per person per day. Single Supplement 20 € per person per day. Tourst Tax and Insurance 1.9 € per person per day is not included in the price.


Surcharges for dinners  if not a regular dinner

1. Festive dinner with drinks at the hotel – 10 €
2. Dinner in an Ethno restaurant with drinks and live music – 15 €

Surcharges are added to the price of the chosen Team Building package.





 Indoor Activities


Activities with many interesting and fun games and challenges which help develop communications, strategic thinking, team work and creative abilities. We organize them in one of the hotel public rooms or in the Hall of the Sport Center next door. Many different possibilities. Here are just a few.






Reklamozdeer – Each team is tasked to create and videotape an advertisment (or TV commercial) for a given product. Teams develop the concept of the advertisement, assign roles, choose the product and start creating. They videotape mostly with their smart phones.Later there is a Review of all submitted advertisements a winner is chosen and prize given.


Kvizologija – Quiz game which can be organized as a theme evening or a team activity. With different questions the Team enjoys the competitive atmosphere. Great fun which also improves the communication and camaraderie among Team members. 


Deaf Telephones – Team members stand in a line, single file. Coordinator whispers a long message to the first member. He/she has to whisper it to the next member and so till the last member. The last member loudly states the entire message. The Team which  states the message most correctly wins. 






Karaoke -  Team members sing with the recorded music. At the end the results are tallied and the winning Team proclaimed. Great fun for everybody.






Indoor sports – In the big hall of the Sport Center, which is next door to the hotel. Indoor soccer, Basketball, Volley Ball, Hand Ball and many other sport  activities. The Sport Center has also a Gym and a Bowling Alley.


            Pictured is the Big Hall of the Sport Centar, which is next to the hotel Park














Outdoor Activities – in the Nature


Big selection of the activities in Nature which your Team members will long remember. Pleasant, relaxing nature activities in Borkovac  or adrenalin filled Fruska Gora Jeep Safari. Or something else equally unforgettable. Locations – Borkovac, Fruska Gora, Danube. Activities: Jogging and trim track in Borkovac * Zip Line and obstacles * Orienteering in Nature * Rock Climbing * Bicycling through Fruska Gora * Archery * Village Olympics * Boating on Danube River * Fruska Gora Jeep Safari * Team Cooking.



Jogging and trim tracks – Borkovac is a beautiful nature oasis only 2 km from the hotel. A forest with jogging tracks and trim track with exercise obstacles. A beautiful lake, ethno restaurants and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Orienteering in Nature – The task is to find all marked points with the help of map and compass. It can be combined with special tasks, surprises and obstacles.

Rock Climbing – Test your athletic prowess climbing an artificial rock.

Archery – Robin Hood skills. Shooting targets with bow and arrows.

Village Olympics – Rope pulling, horse shoe throwing, throwing rocks from your shoulder, sack races …

Paintball – Simulation of war games according to different battle plans using multicolored pellets as ammunition.



Danube Rhapsody










A unique romantic adventure. The experience is relaxing and very enjoyable because the water on this stretch of Danube is almost always very calm. A Welcome Srem Refreshment and Danube Lunch are included. Arrival on the banks of the Danube in Cortanovci. In a Charming little pontoon restaurant (on a raft in the river) you are greeted with a welcome refreshment (appetizers) and home-made plum brandy and wine. Breed deeply here because this is where arguably the best air quality in Serbia is, due to peculiar crossing of breezes. Board the boats – capacity 16 persons. Navigate to Krcedin Ada with great views of the beautiful Fruska Gora hills on your right and the endless plains of Backa on your left. Pass under the impressive Bridge at Beska.  Krcedin Ada is a unique nature preserve with great number of different animals in their natural habitat. An opportunity to be photographed with a flock of sheep or mangulice (semi-wild pigs) or a herd of horses or birds in their natural environment. Continue by boat through Kovilovo-Petrovaradin Rit, an exceptionally interesting stretch of the Danube. If the water level allows we’ll disembark and visit the famous Kovilj Monastery. Return to Cortanovci via Arkanj. A Danube lunch is awaiting together with home-made plum brandy and wine. Occasionally, if the group wishes, the lunch could be on Krcedin Ada (Ada is Turkish word for Island).


Fruska Gora Jeep Safari








Excitement and adrenalin aplenty. Countless opportunities for photographing beautiful landscape and attractions. An unforgettable experience. Arrival in Cortanovci. Welcome drink to fortify you for your road trip. Board the jeeps, old-timers from 1941.(driver plus seats for 4-5). Driving along the Danube to Sremski Karlovci, the most romantic town in Serbia. Continue via beautiful Strazilovo, final resting place of Serbia’s most romantic poet Branko Radicevic. We arrive in the famous  Grgeteg Monastery. Here we find the paleontological traces of the banks of the prehistoric Panonian Sea. We continue via the rolling hills of beautiful Fruska Gora to Velika Remeta Monastery which has the tallest bell tower in Srem and precious Byzantine Icons. We pass by the source of Ubavac, through orchards, vineyards and valleys. A brief visit to the famous Krusedol Monastery, founded by Despot Djuradj Brankovic in 1509.  Returning to Cortanovci we se the source of Kozarica and archeological digs of the Roman city Castrum Herkules. At the end of the drive (total of 50 km) we relax with lunch prepared by our hosts in their charming little pontoon restaurant (on a raft). With lunch our hosts serve home-made plum brandy and wine as well as home-made cake. 


restoran krusedolka

Restaurant Krusedolka is located on a hill above the ancient Krusedol Monastery. Beautiful nature around the restaurant and very pleasant ambiance inside. Big outdoor sitting with great views of the Tuscan-like surrounings. Restaurant offers traditional and contemporary Serbian cuisine. An evening in Krusedolka – dinner with drinks and merry music of tamburashi (strings) -  is an unforgettable experience. It is possible to combine the visit to Krusedol Monastery with dinner in the restaurant. The Monastery is well worth the visit. Krusedol was founded in 1509 by the last Serbian Despot Djuradj Brankovic. It is one of the most significant Monasteries of Fruska Gora. 






Excursions from hotel Park

Hotel Park is ideally located for many excursions to nearby attractions. See more here





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